PVC Doors

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When choosing a door you have 3 options:

  1. Main Entrance door
  2. Side Entrance Door
  3. Balcony / Patio Door


When offering you doors we would like to consider your daily usage and habits. While a door must keep the elements and intruders out, it should also not disturb the flow of “traffic”.
All three options have this in common:

  • Double seals
  • Steel core frames – very stable, rigid
  • Multi point locking system hidden in profiles
  • High insulation values: 1,2 W/sqmK (wood and alu has 3,5 to 6 Watt/ sqmK)
  • Superior noise reduction
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Can be color coated (link) or laminated (link)

Main Entrance Doors

When choosing your entrance door your main point of focus should be design and practicality.

With over 350 different door fillings / faces made by Rothenberger  or Roto your will find the right one for your taste. They are custom made to fit openings of up to 2,4 m. We recommend the door not to be wider than 900 mm and rather have an openable side panel.

Main entrance doors come with extra strong profiles- 110 mm—and even the most simplest filling consists of a  multi-layer made of PVC-foam-aluminum-foam and PVC. The insulation value is 1,2 W/sqmK and the noise reduction is very superior. Its like closing a S-class Mercedes door.

You choose the types of lock, handles and the face of your doors. We gladly assist you.

Side Entrance Doors

These so called SIDE ENTRANCE DOORS or “window doors” are similar to the entrance doors yet more economical since you either choose  double glass or PVC filling for them. You may choose normal frame strength or again the 110 mm profiles. The other options are as above for Entrance doors

You would install them in the scullery, garage, home office or your granny flat.

They can have push lever from one side only or both sides, — thus you choose if you admit key-less access from both sides or just inside.

They come with a triple bolt locking system to be openable from either side. Together with the three hinges your door has six points of lock or pressure points—making it intruder proof and weather tight.
The bottom of the door can be either a low aluminum threshold (about 20 mm high) or a normal frame (about 55 mm high) —depending on amount water expected at the outside and traffic anticipated across. With both frame types the sash and frame overlap an all 4 sides thus the doors seals properly.

Balcony / Patio Doors

You would choose such a door when looking for access to patio, terrace or balcony or side exit to e.g. the washing area.

Basically these doors are large windows with the profiles and mechanics of a window.

The beauty is that they can open as a tilt and turn window-door too. So you can ventilate through these doors in the tilt position and yet have the safety of a closed door. The handle controls a multi-point bolting system inside the profile and the filling is usually burglar proof double glass or a simple pvc panel.

You can choose a low aluminum threshold if you do not want to step of 55 mm frame. We recommend the normal 55mm frame at the bottom, especially if you anticipate lots of water on the outside.

These “Balcony or Patio Doors”  give you the same insulation and safety as our pvc windows: 1,2 W/sqmK.100% maintenance free.

Closing these kind of doors is like getting your peace of mind restored—they lock out the unwanted elements!