Double glazing PVC-windows


Noise insulation and energy conservation:


No mass – no noise insulation and without properly insulated material no heat / cold insulation!“ This can be used as a very simple guideline when considering energy conservation and noise abatement.

As a standard ServiceGerman offers windows with double glazing in solid 69 mm strong, steel reenforced PVC frames Made in Germany to European standard. All our frames – which are produced by GEALAN or VEKA will have the highest available insulation factors- in average: 1,4 KW/sqmK. That is not only the value for the double glazing, Argon gas filled and vacuum sealed double panes but this is the value calculated for pane and frames combined! Of course our frames withstand the harsh UV rays of South Africa- here some test results (in German, but read the figures).

The double glaze panes are filled with Argon gas- which filters 80% of the UV ray from the sun out- thus preventing bleaching of your furniture and preventing too much heat up of the room- green house effect.

Save energy and raise comfort of living without overspending

Insulation values for single glazing Aluminium windows are 5,5 and for wood frames only about 7 KW/sqmK.

Translated that means that you need 5 times the energy to keep the temperature stable in a room fitted with single pane aluminium frames compared to a room that has double glazing PVC frames. Not considering the costs for maintenance (wood) and the dis-comfort of flying curtains and the noise created by gapping frames (wood and aluminium frames).

Note- 1/3 of the energy gets lost through the frame. And most of the noise travels through the frames as well, so if you are longing for a peaceful sleep ask for a consultation. Clients near the busy street of Kloof Neck Road „complained“ that they could not sleep the first week with the new double glazing windows- because it was too quiet in the room!

Customers who intensively shop around for best value for money are pleased to place their order through us finally. ServiceGerman is offering full service when it comes to choosing windows, entrance doors, garage doors, garden gates, roll down shutters or interior room doors. We consult you on your individual needs and give recommendations which are not restricted to our products only.

Our prices are – despite the shipment from Europe – lower than in Europe and best in South Africa for this quality. Our windows are sold to home owners in e.g. Switzerland for 40 % more than what our clients pay locally.

ServiceGerman is a small and lean privately run business that sources directly from the license keepers of the worlds renown frames, suppliers of panes and mechanism. Our windows are assembled by qualified window assembling companies using the latest technology available. All our windows are custom made to size and specs demanded by our clients after intense consultation through ServiceGerman.

The costs for transport are kept at a minimum since we share the container with other customers ordering in the same period-thus the client only pays his fair share for transport.