All Services Needed

Window fitting, spare parts and service

All the fitting of the new PVC windows, doors or shutters etc. is done by ServiceGerman or one of our fitting partners Or we consult your builder.

Spare parts and replacement for broken window panes is handled personally by Jörn S. Merkel. Your house is never left with an unsafe window. Double glazing windows can be replaced within 2 weeks locally or with the next shipment from Germany within a month. Glass tinting will be matched.

We provide services to architects and builders by supplying insulation calculations that meet the new building regulations effective November 2010. These energy conservation calculations meet the requirements of the building council and show energy conservation due to double glazing windows per room or for the entire house.

Show houses with our PVC window frames installed can be viewed by appointment with the owners. Alternatively we can bring samples of PVC windows and shutters as well as true colour samples of frames to you.

We do provide triple glazing windows, high security doors and glass as well as automated roll down shutters with anti-burglar devices. Taking into account that the weather in South Africa is moderate and that most break-ins are chancers we recommend double glazing frames with WK1 security and laminated security glass on the outside side.

Seek further consultation and info by contacting Service German here.

Technical Services

These are the services we offer:


  • Spare parts only for our windows.
  • Assessments for fitted windows.
  • Insulation Calculation Building.
  • Glass replacement


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