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Key benefits of our PVC Windows

Color Coating

PVC Windows can be laminated to look like wood or be coated in silver, gold, brown, blue and many more

Tilt & Turn

PVC windows can “Tilt & Turn” thus making ventilation safe and cleaning easy.

Burglar poof glass

PVC Windows can have burglar proof glass, double or even triple glazing—safety first.

Heat Insulation

PVC Windows have the best insulating frames—U-values of 1,2 W/sqmK. You save lots.

Noise insulation

PVC Windows cut out the noise due to their multi chambers, steel core and double seals.

Arched windows

We supply arched PVC Window frames or change the reveals for you—full service.

Tillies / Cottage Panes

We supply cottage pane styles, to conform with heritage regulations

Tilt sliders

Our sliders lock into the frames—no leaks, no sound and best of all they tilt and slide too.


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